Founded in 2002, Marcus B has grown from designing and manufacturing timeless shoe collections for local and international retail fashion houses to creating its own curated footwear label (Marcus B Shoes - where you are right now).
Having worked with some of the biggest names in retail fashion, Marcus B leads in comfort and style with our rich experience and understanding of footwear that is made to last and on trend.

Marcus B’s signature style effortlessly brings together classic designs with a contemporary edge, creating lasting collections suitable for every occasion.
The Marcus B woman is always on the go, taking her shoes from desk to dinner with her busy work and social life. She’s practical yet stylish, sophisticated yet playful, and never afraid to express herself.
Made with the highest quality, comfort and craftsmanship, our shoes find the perfect blend between practical and stylish for the everyday woman.

Behind every eloquent shoe we make is a dedicated team behind the scenes that make all the magic happen. We are a team of committed people, passionate about delivering stylish and practical footwear for the everyday woman anywhere and everywhere.

Marcus Blackmore established the Marcus B company in 2002 which was later followed by his own label, sharing his rich experience of over thirty-six years in the retail and wholesale fashion industry. He was the driving force behind setting up the first ‘Shoe and Accessory’ departments at several of today’s most prominent Australian fashion apparel labels. Through this journey, Marcus has come to be known as a product development and marketing expert, earning a reputation that has continued to stay with him.
His distinctive approach to footwear is the cornerstone behind Marcus B’s unique style, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Marcus B is an authentic Australian owned and family run label that can be shopped here on our online store and is also exclusively stocked at Zomp and The Iconic.